Shipping / Ship Finance

K. C. Saveriades & Co. LLC has been one of the first Law firms in Cyprus that has specialized in Shipping and Ship Finance matters and currently represents major International Shipping Corporations including but not limited to Seadrill Ltd, Deep Sea Supply plc, Ship Finance International Ltd, Frontline Ltd and Cyprus Maritime Co. Ltd and has represented various international banks such as DnB Bank ASA, Nordea Bank Norge ASA, HSBC Bank and Sparebank AB (Publ.) in ship financing transactions.

In this sector our services include:

  • Vessel Registration – Advising upon and undertaking the submission of all applications and technical documentation required for the registration of vessels under the flags of Cyprus, Marshall Islands and Liberia.
  • Sale and Purchase of Vessels – Drafting and/or advising upon MoAs, related Corporate Authorities approving the sale and purchase of vessels, bills of sale, representation and attendance on behalf of sellers or buyers at closing meetings.
  • Drafting and/or reviewing of Loan Agreements for the purchase of vessels, security documentation including but not limited to Mortgages, Deeds of Assignment, Corporate Guarantees and Deeds of Pledge, related Corporate Authorities, representation and attendance on behalf of lenders or borrowers at closing meetings.
  • Provision of formal Legal Opinions on the above matters.