K.C. Saveriades & Co Law Firm

For almost half a century, the K.C. Saveriades & Co law firm, offers a wide range of reliable and comprehensive legal services in most law fields, demonstrating continued success that place it among the leading law firms in Cyprus.

The firm’s values, based on the Cypriot heritage and values, with main focus on trusted and discreet customer service, is the main reason of its current position in our country.

The company was founded in 1960 by Kyriakos Saveriades and is based in Limassol, while its range/scope now extends to several foreign countries, offering reliable services in three languages, Greek, English and Russian, acting on behalf of legal persons and companies as well as individuals. Today, the company serves a wide range of domestic and international customers.

Consisting by a highly dynamic team of lawyers and experts, the law firm K.C. Saveriades & Co, has the ability to offer full dedication to its customers cases, by offering the necessary attention and devotion, all the necessary time to research, evidence-based strategies and effective representation in all their cases.

Today, the law firm K.C. Saveriades & Co, covers almost all areas of Cyprus and European Business Law, including Corporate Law, Real Estate, Civil Litigation, Legal Administration of Companies, Maritime Law and Law of Transport and Ship Finance, Immigration Law, Conventions and Criminal Law.

Additionally, the firm is active in the creation, licensing and registration of companies within and outside the European Union on the Stock Exchange, a service which requires in-depth knowledge of the legislation and the necessary procedures, and includes extensive research and reliable risk assessments, well preparation and the completion of all work related to the approval by the SEC.

Apart from the extensive range of services coverage offered by the K.C. Saveriades & Co law firm, it also introduces a new, innovative model for providing legal services based on its personal and true relationship with its clients over time, extending its services beyond counseling with the strictly legal use of the term. This is because the company’s philosophy focuses on the overall well-being and the success of its customers, a philosophy that perceives each case as one goal, a small conquest in other words, each helping its customers to conquer their vision.

It appears that such a service quality requires extensive experience, a broad and specialized knowledge above and beyond the current legal range, but also requires those human elements that create true human relations and build real trust.

Address: Iris House, John Kennedy Street, Office 740B, 3106 Limassol, Cyprus. P.O. Box 54328, 3723 Limassol, Cyprus

Tel. +357 25 588767
Fax: +357 25 591900

Email: k.saveriades@cytanet.com.cy